Background and Objectives


The COST Action PROTEOSTASIS BM1307 is an European network with members from almost all countries in Europe. Its main objective is to facilitate research and collaborations in the fields of Ubiquitin/Proteasome, Ubiquitin-likes, autophagy and lysosomal systems in health and diseases.

Intracellular proteolysis is not only critical for cell homeostasis but also relevant for many pathologies, such as cancer, immune diseases, neurological disorders, etc… Its role in almost every biological process has generated a huge interest among scientists with quite different backgrounds, which in turn has resulted into both a tremendous advance of our knowledge and an important fragmentation of the field. The Action will coordinate and integrate the efforts made by European research teams to better understand protein homeostasis and to translate novel discoveries into products of clinical and/or economical value.

These goals will be accomplished by 6 interacting working groups (WGs), as detailed below.

WGs will design their own objectives and decision-making processes, define with the other WGs their contribution to the different translational projects and specify the responsibilities among the WG members.

In the First PROTEOSTASIS Meeting, the six WGs will be introduced and their members will present and discuss their ongoing research. This first meeting has been organized so that participants will have the opportunity to attend all presentations with the aim to create a “community spirit”. This should facilitate an appropriate integration in the various WGs and the development of future networking projects.

The meeting will include working group sessions, poster sessions and social events.

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